December 15th, 2021

8 everyday additions for a healthy heart

Heart health is affected by the things we do in everyday life. Some of the risk factors for heart disease we all know by heart – smoking and high blood pressure, for example, are classic risk factors most of us know.

But what about quality sleep, plant-based meals, stress management and seeing your doctor? 

In this post, we’re sharing 8 everyday ways to add heart health to your life. By focusing on positive changes, rather than avoidance, we can all be more successful in maintaining our heart health.  

Which of the 8 additions will you try first? 


Try a plant-based diet

Turns out your parents were right those leafy greens are good for you. Eating a plant-based diet can help you lose weight, lower your cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease. That’s three great reasons to incorporate a plant-based diet into your life. 

Not sure how to start? Simply swap one meal per day for a plant-based meal. 


Get heart-centered

Yoga is a relaxing way of improving your heart health. Regular practice can increase circulation while lowering your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose and heart rate. Now, let’s all put our hands to heart-center and say namaste to a healthy heart.


Know your risk factors


Knowing your risk of heart disease is important. It has been shown that 90% of women have one or more risk factors for heart disease.

Make an appointment with your primary care doctor and create a plan to combat heart disease.


Incorporate superfoods into your diet


Superfoods such as blueberries, strawberries, beans and leafy greens have many beneficial effects, including lowering blood pressure and improving circulation. That’s one delicious recipe for a healthy (and happy) heart.


Stop scrolling


Do you secretly enjoy scrolling your phone before bed? While it can feel like a mindless activity to help wind down from a long day, it can actually affect your sleep. By taking a break from the endless scrolling at least two hours before bed, you can rest assured knowing you’re helping achieve a healthy body and mind.


Omega-3 to the rescue


Eating a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids can increase your high-density lipoprotein levels (that’s the good cholesterol) and lower your triglyceride levels. Add salmon, chia seeds or brussel sprouts to your diet to start introducing healthy Omega-3s to your diet every week. 


Walk the walk


Whether you like long walks on the beach or power walking with your friends at the mall, it’s been shown that walking for thirty minutes five times per week can improve your heart health. The best news is that reconnecting with nature multiplies your impact – you will be reducing stress, getting your vitamin D and exercising to reduce your risk of heart disease. Win-win-win!


Swap the convenience foods 


People can become more prone to heart disease when their diet includes foods that are “ultra processed” convenience foods, like packaged snacks, sugary cereal, sodas, chicken nuggets and instant soup. 

Replace processed foods and sugars with fresh fruit and vegetables to lower your risk for heart disease.