Take Your Health to Heart: Share How You Reduce Stress

February is American Heart Month, and a great time to reflect on different habits you can adopt to keep your heart healthy. One way to improve your heart and overall cardiovascular health is by managing your stress level.

Stress is a normal part of life, but without coping methods, it can affect your health. It’s important to find a balance between work, family, and doing things that make you happy.

Share your tips for reducing stress here!

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4-7-8 Breathing technique. Walking outdoors. A good facial regimen before bedtime and lavender essential oil just before bedtime to prepare for a good night sleep for 7 to 8 hours.


Relaxing sounds/music guided meditations, visual relaxation help me tremendously.


I destress with a long walk!


I give my mom a call. She never fails to keep me grounded and level-headed when I need it the most.


I like to unplug from my electronics and just be present in the moment with my children.


Breathing exercises. In for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds, out fo 7 seconds.


Taking a few minutes a day to simply breathe and stretch my body really helps calm my nerves and reduce stress.


I love doing crafts with my kids. As a working mom, craft time is a great way for us to connect and decompress – as long as there’s no glitter involved! :)


Stop and note something I appreciate. Works every time.


A quick jog always helps me. It helps me focus on breathing and paying attention to the rhythm of my movement instead of what I was worried about before I started running.


I love sinking into the couch with my favorite book. It helps me escape reality for a little bit and explore someone else’s imagination.


Activity/exercise and quality time with my family.


I am a photographer, so whenever I feel like I need to decompress I grab my camera and go take pictures of nature. Being alone and sharing with open space and quiet to immerse myself in my surroundings always brings me peace.


I listen to my favorite mellow music to help deal with stress. Listening to music definitely influences my mood and helps to distract my mind. Couldn’t live without it!


SLEEP. I know I can’t always help it, but 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night is not enough to keep my body in order.


Making a home-cooked meal. When I’m the most anxious, I look for my comfort foods. A drive-thru burger and fries isn’t going to be good for my heart in the long run so when I can take the time to really prep a nice meal for myself, I feel like I’m doing right by my body.


My favorite way to de-stress is by going on a walk with my dogs. The fresh air helps me get perspective, and it feels great to get outside after being cooped up in the house for so long!