What Heart Experts Say About Habits: Words Straight From the Heart

Maintaining healthy habits such as eating right and exercising are great ways to lower your risk of heart problems. What exactly are the habits that you can adopt for heart health?  We asked the heart experts themselves.

Here are some tips from Sentara’s Heart & Vascular specialists about how to maintain healthy heart habits.

Working Out Your Most Important Muscle 

Dr. Paul Mahoney explains that the heart is a muscle and it wants exercise. Just 30 minutes of activity per day can have a positive impact on your heart health.


Trusting the Experts 

Amy Kanter, RN, Integrated Care Manager, discusses the level of care and expertise provided at Sentara Heart Hospital. She explains why Sentara Heart Hospital is her number one choice to send herself or a family member experiencing a cardiac intervention.


Managing Overall Health

Dr. Joseph Newton stresses the importance of keeping certain medical conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, under control with the help of a medical professional. Monitoring and managing these conditions can help avoid heart problems and health issues down the road.


Portion Size Meals

A key part to heart disease prevention is maintaining a balanced diet. Dr. Talreja discusses the importance of portion size. For measuring meals, Dr. Talreja shares a simple rule of thumb: your carbs and proteins should be the size of your palm, and your fruits and vegetables should be the size of your fingers. It’s important to eat more whole foods.