February 8th, 2019

Who Has Your ❤️ Heart?

Staying healthy and accountable is more fun together. This Heart Month, grab your best friend, spouse, or parent and head out for a walk, cook a healthy meal together or discuss your family’s health history. Heart Month is a chance to learn something new about each other – and take the MyHeartAge quiz to discover your “heart age.”

Do you think you know everything there is to know about your best friend, spouse, or family member? Sentara Healthcare is hitting the streets this Heart Month to put you to the test with the Who Has Your Heart? Game Show hosted by Bobby Hollywood of Hot 100.5 FM in Hampton Roads. If you see Bobby Hollywood in a red jacket with a video crew in tow, you could be featured on the Who Has Your Heart? Game Show with your best friend, spouse, family member or co-worker.

The video will go live on 2/14 so check back on the 28 Days of Heart blog or the Sentara Healthcare Facebook page. You won’t want to miss this lighthearted approach to heart health that challenges people on the street to prove what they really know about their partners quirks – and their heart.

This Heart Month we challenge you and someone you love to make heart healthy choices together, so you can continue to share many more laughs and fond memories for years to come.

Who will you challenge to take the My Heart Age quiz with you?